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N-Gage is dead, long live the Ovi Store - full of Symbian games

Nokia plans to shut down the N-Gage platform. It's all going down in September 2010 but the publishing of new games has stopped as we speak. The gaming on Nokia phones will continue evolving under the Ovi Store umbrella.

The website of N-Gage along with the N-Gage Arena community will be left running throughout the whole 2010, while the N-Gage store will continue selling games until September 2010. After that the only place to buy S40 or Symbian S60 games will be the Ovi Store, which will come preinstalled on all upcoming Nokia devices. Nokia also promises to bring similar community options for the apps in the Ovi Store.

Of course, all the N-Gage games you've purchased so far will continue to work long after that.

Well, the N-gage platform delivered some of the best mobile games we've seen for Symbian smartphones and we're quite surprised that Nokia is ditching all the development losing a strong differentiating factor. We'll see how it goes, let's hope it is all for the better.

Move Over Iphone, Android Offers Online Casino Gambling

The IPhone has always been revered as the most powerful cellular phone on the planet, but even it has shortcomings. These shortcomings are exemplified by the new Android phones expecting to hit the market in November.

The Android phones are allegedly capable of running widgets, browser apps, and other such amenities that some online casinos require for playing through the browser. While you can download casino oriented apps and play for fun on the IPhone, owners of the Apple/AT&T love child are unable to play for real money through their phones. Androids should alleviate this issue, allowing players to enjoy real money gambling on the go, even more so than before.

Many of the Best USA Casinos allow players to play their games through flash based casinos. Be this one of the Rival Online Casinos or an RTG Online Casinos, flash based browser casinos are an option. When the Android hits the market, players should be able to pull up casinos such as Bodog and Sloto Cash Casino and play all of the best casino games they have available.

If all goes well, these Androids will be affordable, powerful, and open to many phone providers. Even if a player did not want to shell out the extra money for the new phone, many could consider it an investment - this could become the newest tool for online gambling. Rather than turn to a PC or a Laptop, the Android could become an all inclusive online casino.

BlackBerry Master Control Program 0.9.2 Beta 10

BlackBerry Master Control Program is one of those applications that isn’t for every BlackBerry user, however, if you are a moderate to power user, one of those folks who regularly installs leaked OSs and every cool looking BlackBerry application just to test it out, or someone who needs to easily create screenshots of your device, this is the program for you.

BlackBerry Master Control Program 0.9.2 Beta 10 has just been released and its creators have added a ton of new features:

  • MCP gets a major facelift!  Brand new graphics for the navigation panel and installers! – Thanks Shane!!!
  • Save Modules now allows user to create ALX/JAD for saved modules
  • Added Backup & Restore for third party applications (2 clicks)
  • Added ALX/JAD Builder with drag & drop window for building the module list
  • System tray icon right click context menu updated
  • By default MCP minimizes to taskbar now, not the system tray (clean installs only)
  • Left side navigation panel reduced number of icons dramatically (it was too cluttered)
  • Auto PIN checking is now at 3 seconds (clean install)
  • OS Management:  Added “Delete JVM” checkbox (if checked Application Loader will start with the /nojvm parameter which will destroy JVM on the device)
  • OS Management:  Added “Full Wipe” checkbox (if checked Java Loader will “Wipe” the device destroying any existing IT Policies prior to the OS installation)
  • Navigation:  Load/Erase/Save Modules used to be “hidden” under the “Java Loader” page, they are now in the main navigation area
  • MCP Engine updated to Java Loader 5.0.0 Beta 4
BlackBerry MCP is one heck of a program and you absolutely cannot beat the price.  BlackBerry MCP is free, however, it’s creators do accept donations and I strongly recommend that you do if you find MCP useful. 

You can download BlackBerry Master Control Program 0.9.2 Beta 10 here

Motorola CLIQ Android Phone

Motorola unveiled their first Android smartphone with the Motorola CLIQ.
T-Mobile will carry the CLIQ which comes with something called MOTOBLUR. MOTOBLUR is an solution that manages and integrates communications from work e-mail to social networking activity on your CLIQ.
Updates to contacts, posts, messages, photos and more are streamed together and synced from sources including Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Gmail, and work and personal e-mail.
MOTOBLUR automatically delivers these updates to the home screen in easy-to-view streams so there is no need to open and close different mobile applications to keep up with the latest content.

Other features of the Motorola CLIQ include slide-out QWERTY keyboard, 3.1-inch HVGA touch-screen display, 5MP camera, and Wi-fi.

The Motorola CLIQ looks to become the hottest Android phone on the market.

Motorola CLIQ with MOTOBLUR will be available exclusively to T-Mobile customers later this fall in two colors — Titanium and Winter White. Pricing will be announced at a later date. See also the CLIQ page on T-Mobile, which has a demo of MOTOBLUR. Update: Maybe the CLIQ will be free with contract on T-Mobile. Engadget caught a leaked listing of the CLIQ on the T-Mobile store that says so. This would be an aggressive move to battle AT&T's iPhone and Sprint's Palm Pre.

Motorola Blur First Screenshots Or Android Market Update?

Over at CNET’s Android Atlas an anonymous source sent in two pictures of what appears to be a completely overhauled UI for Android Market complete with added functionality. In the screen shots you can clearly see a new, vibrant and colorful approach:As you can clearly see, the background color of the entire App Market display is white as opposed to the current black background and white text. Sorting options include Top Paid, Top Free and Just In with the search button being prominently displayed in the upper right. The category display lists apps that are available in the category in smaller/lighter text - I’m not crazy about this as it seems to clutter things up a bit. However, I like the idea of displaying recently searched or often searched keywords and other dynamic info.

According to the article, this Market view was running on a Donut build of Android and most blogs republishing this information say this is the Android Market we can all look forward to later this year. But can we? Seeing as how the leak comes only a week before the big Motorola Android event, perhaps we’re seeing a custom displayed version of the market offered by Motorola. We know they have their own unique offering called Motorola Blur and perhaps THIS is what we are seeing?

This possibility hadn’t been brought up yet and I thought it warranted a mention. I don’t have any information that would suggest one way or the other, but I think the idea that these COULD be the first screenshots of Motorola Blur is definitely a possibility. What do you think?

BlackBerry App World Now Available Via The Web

One of the big shortcomings of BlackBerry App World is that the only way to view the catalog of available applications was through the actual BlackBerry App World application on your device. There is no way to view App World via the Web.

This, at least, was the case until today as Research in Motion now allows you to browse the entire BlackBerry App World catalog via the web.

All BlackBerry App World applications must still be downloaded via the client on your BlackBerry, however, you can send yourself a link to any application that you browse via the web and would like to download. A nice feature to add would be the ability for you to log in and create an account. As App World gets bigger the ability for it to predict applications that you might like based on previous applications that you have downloaded would be beneficial.

Additionally, not all applications run on all BlackBerry devices so a section that tells you supported devices under each app would be nice. Maybe even highlight your device if supported and you are logged in.
BlackBerry App World still has a long way to go, but, it is an awful lot better than what RIM initially launched.

BlackBerry Storm 9500 OS

Okay some good news for all you BlackBerry Storm owners, and it’s time for you to rev up your desktop.

RIM have just officially released OS for the BlackBerry Storm 9500 series. Although we are a little unsure of what is actually new in this latest version.

I’m confident however, that you guys out there will let us know if and what if anything is new or different in the latest released OS download. The download claims to be giving users a improved SurePress typing experience, enhanced multimedia performance, faster browsing and rotation speeds and more.